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Porsche Mission E Concept – electric 4-door

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Porsche Mission E Concept – electric 4-door
Porsche Mission E Concept - electric 4-door

Porsche Mission E Concept, a full electric, four seats, four doors, sports car capable of 80% charge in 15 minutes… Images credit Porsche

Our Concept Study Mission E is still just an idea but it embodies our complete vision of all-electric driving. Four individual seats, four doors, two luggage compartments. Electric drive. E-Performance, Porsche style. Integrated in a harmonious overall concept. Concept Study Mission E sets the stage for tomorrow. With its design and its technology, it provides answers to the question of the sports car of the future.

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2013 Pagani Huayra 6.0L Twin turbo

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Supercar Pagani Huayra 2013

Pagani Huayra red
This is a unique and powerful car that is on the agenda for us
Specifications and details:

Engine and Transmission.

Pagani Huayra Engine: The Coupe version of the Huayra model has a 5980 cc (364.9 ci) 48 valve V12 Twin Turbo Petrol engine.
Pagani Huayra Transmission: This particular Pagani Huayra 6.0L Twin turbo has a 7 speed/ Auto gearbox with the power being delivered through it’s RWD system.
Power and Torque Specifications.

Pagani Huayra Power: The Huayra’s 5980 cc (364.9 ci) engine reaches its peak power of 700 bhp (521 kW) @ 6300 rpm.
Pagani Huayra Torque: The Pagani Huayra produces torque measuring 740 lb-ft (949.0 Nm) @ 2500 rpm.
Pagani Huayra Power to Weight: The Huayra weighs around 1350 kg (2976 lb). Power to weight can be calculated at 518.5 bhp per metric ton or alternatively as 548.1 lb-ft of torque per ton.

Performance Specifications.

Pagani Huayra Top Speed: The Pagani Huayra 6.0L Twin turbo – [2013] has a top speed of 230 mph (370.1 kph)
Pagani Huayra Acceleration: This Huayra reaches 0 to 60 mph (96.6 kph) in 3.5 seconds.

Subaru BRZ – The New 2013 BRZ Sports Car

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Subaru BRZ – The New 2013 BRZ Sports Car
Subaru BRZ  - The New 2013 BRZ Sports Car

Subaru BRZ  - The New 2013 BRZ Sports Car

Exterior Features
Front-engine, rear-wheel drive
Direct and port-injected SUBARU BOXER® engine
High-Intensity Discharge (HID) headlights
Vehicle Stability Control
17-inch aluminum-alloy wheels

Interior Features
Leather-wrapped steering wheel, shift knob, and brake handle
Voice-activated GPS navigation system
Bluetooth® hands-free phone and audio
8-speaker HD Radio audio system
USB port with iPod® control
6-speed manual transmission
Available 6-speed automatic transmission
Torsen® limited-slip differentia

Smart Braking Systems

BRZ’s Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) prevents wheel lock-up and helps maintain driver control. Electronic Brake-force Distribution (EBD) balances braking, while Brake Assist can sense a panic-stop situation and apply full braking force to help stop faster.

The BMW i100: Curve Hugging Earth Loving

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BMW is not generally thought of as an “eco friendly” car. While their powerful sports sedan cars (most notably the M3 and M5) are certainly more polar bear friendly than a Ferrari or Lamborghini, they are nonetheless powered by thirsty engines that burn lots of gasoline even on city streets. However, BMW has slowly been shifting towards better fuel mileage by reducing the number of cylinders in their cars and by lightening the vehicles overall. Therefore it should be no surprise that they have secretly been working on a high-powered hybrid, the i100.

Ever since Audi won the 24 Hours of Le Mans with its diesel-electric prototype car, German engineers have decided that hybrid cars are the way of the future. With Porsche and Volkswagen unveiling hybrid hyper cars at autoshows in 2011 and 2012, it was only a matter of time until BMW put something into the fray. And now it has: the BMW i100.

While it may carry a 1-series designation, its sleek, aggressive styling is a far departure from the normally reserved “baby beemers” with which it shares a marque. The styling is intended to separate it from more traditional Japanese hybrids, which are known for their boxy shape and upright stance. It also stands out from them in terms of horsepower: the base model is expected to have 170 horsepower, which will allow the small car to out run and out accelerate the vast majority of hybrids on the market. 

And if that isn’t enough, an M-series version is planned. With a specialized six-cylinder diesel engine providing electrical power and a special capacitor system boosting the output, it is expected to be blisteringly fast. It is also clear that BMW has worked hard to make the car excellent in corners, as indicated by the low stance, and BMW’s extensive Nurburgring testing. 

Both the regular and M-series versions of the i100 are expected to go on sale sometime in 2013. With so much power under the hood, it is clear that these BMWs won’t be your grandmother’s friendly hybrid. Hybrids are now in the realm of sexy sports super cars, and it’s clear they won’t be looking back.
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Aspid GT-21 Invictus

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Aspid GT-21 Invictus

Spanish Aspid sports car manufacturer introduced its second model, known as GT-21 Invictus, passes.

Overall length of the rear-wheel drive coupe is 4447 mm, width – 1902 mm, height – 1226 mm and wheelbase of 2560 millimeters.

The design of the GT-21 Invictus is aluminum, carbon fiber and other composite materials. With this weight supercar is only 990 pounds, and power to mass ratio reached 2.2 kilograms per horsepower.

In the engine compartment models have a 4.4-liter eight-cylinder petrol engine BMW, which develops 450 hp. The unit can be paired with a six-speed “mechanics” and with semiprofessional “robot” with two clutches.

From zero to sixty miles per hour Spanish supercar accelerates in less than three seconds, up to 160 kilometers per hour – in 6.8 seconds, and to 200 kilometers per hour – 10.6 seconds. Its top speed is 300 kilometers per hour.

New supercar will get integrated into the steering wheel panel display devices, and powerful brakes with 400 mm discs, 19-inch wheels on the front axle and 20-inch at the rear.

Aspid company expects to produce up to 250 copies of the GT-21 Invictus year. Selling model will be 20 dealers throughout Europe. The cost of new items not yet named.

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Lancia Stratos – review and video presentation

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New Strator – beauty and fast


The legendary Lancia Stratos HF was without a doubt the most spectacular and successful rallye car of the 70s. With its thrilling lines and uncompromising design for rallye use, the Stratos not only single-handedly rewrote the history of rallyeing, it won a permanent place in the hearts of its countless fans with its dramatic performance on the world’s asphalt and gravel tracks. The Stratos still draws the crowds whenever it competes at historic motor sport events, thanks to its reputation as the most fascinating rallye car in the world.

It all began in 1970, at the Turin exhibition stand of the automobile designer, Bertone. The extreme Stratos study on display there – a stylistic masterpiece by the designer Marcello Gandini – didn’t just excite visitors, but caught the attention of Cesare Fiorio, Lancia’s team manager at the time… and refused to let go. Official web site of Lancia Stratos is

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VW Golf VII 2013 – Official

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VW Golf VII 2013 – Official
VW Golf VII 2013 -  Official
The machine is built on a new modular platform of the Volkswagen – MQB, it is 56 mm longer and 13 mm wider than its predecessor. The distance between the two axes is increased by 59 mm and reaches 2,637 mm. It is these changes have the greatest impact on the interior in the car that offers more space for heads, arms and legs are riding in the back seat passengers. Moreover, with 30 liters capacity has grown on the trunk, which is in the Golf VII 380 l

Undoubtedly the most significant changes are detected in the cabin, which is now oriented towards the driver and is available in three trim levels. At the base Trendline available extras such as air conditioning and electric windows, while the highest observed Highline materials such as Alcantara, backlight, xenon headlights and much more.

The suspension of the new model is McPherson front and Multilink at the rear. Despite the increase in size, the new Golf is an average of 100 kg. lighter than this. The total mass of the car is 1150 kg., It must be noted that the construction of the body is used aluminum. In Volkswagen have placed a thin metal and a special heat treatment of parts made from it.

That car is lighter, means it is more economical. In comparison with the 6th generation model, 7th consumes about 23% less fuel. Golf VII will be available with a choice of engines that are equipped with a start / stop system and technology Brake Energy Regeneration.

Three of the units are family TSI – 1.2 liters (85 hp) and 1.4 liters (140 hp). More powerful petrol version of the plugin name GTI will get 2.0-liter TSI turbo engine with 220 hp Diesel engines are 4 family TDI – and a power of 90, 105, 150 and 180 hp

The most powerful version of the new model will be the Golf R, which will have engine with 290 hp And that will be faster than the R-modification of the 6th generation. Running rumors of plans to release a version of Volkswagen Golf VII RS, to get engine with 370 hp of the Audi TT RS, but so far no official confirmation of this.

As for fuel consumption, among the most economical petrol models are versions with 85 hp and 140 hp They spend an average of 4.9 l/100 km, has a powerful system for cylinder deactivation. At the top diesel is more economical modification BlueMotion, which has an average consumption 3.2 l/100 km and emits just 85 g / km harmful CO2 emissions.

The seventh generation of the hatchback will be priced similar to the sixth. The basic version will cost 16,075 euros in Germany (Golf VI so far it was € 16 500).

It includes dual-zone air conditioning and color display. As an option for the first time in the Golf family is available adaptive cruise control, which in the version with manual transmission operates in the range of 30 to 160 km / h, and in combination with 7-speed DSG-transmission can stop the vehicle completely without the involvement of the driver.

In additional equipment model includes variable steering effort, adaptive suspension, electronic differential lock, automatic parktronic, video surveillance system with multiple cameras available on all sides of the car and a brand new multimedia system. There are five modes (Eco, Sport, Normal, Individual and Comfort), which is bundled with adaptive chassis.

Official rewarded the audience at Golf VII will be held in Paris at the end of the month.

Portuguese police will chase the bandits with electric

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Portuguese police are the first in the world to buy an electric patrol car, told DPA said on Monday.

Portuguese police have invested in eight cars Nissan Leaf, which does not emit greenhouse gases, has five doors and a blue light and siren on the roof.

Japanese cars are set for the “Safe School”, but officials indicated that the cars will be available if needed for other police work. Portuguese police have 5,000 patrol cars in the country.

In the German city of Hamburg police tried “civilian” Nissan Leaf in a discreet silver-gray, but still no full order policing model.

Nissan Leaf has an electric engine with 109 horsepower and was introduced in Europe in early 2011. According to the manufacturers the car can travel 175 km before needing a new battery charge.

Nissan Leaf is slow, making it useful as a city police car chase. It accelerates from 0 to 100 km / h for a reasonable 11.9 seconds and reaches a top speed of 145 km / h.

Trident Iceni great diesel car

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The latest version of Trident says it’s using a 6.6-liter turbocharged diesel that combined with some undescribed system its calling Torque Multiplication that’s good for 430 hp and 950 ft.-lb. of torque; those with additional pounds at their feet can pay for upgrade to 660 hp and 1,050 ft.-lbs. In the base version, the Iceni can reach 60 mph in 3.7 seconds.

By using a diesel, the Iceni GT can burn a variety of fuels, from regular diesel to used restaurant oils, and at cruising speed of 70 mph, can travel 2,000 miles on a tank of gas. If all these figures sound too good to be true, it’s because they are a bit; it’s not that diesel engines aren’t capable of fantastic performance, but that the technology for doing so usually takes more engineering than a handful of people can pull together. While Trident didn’t reveal much about the engine, General Motors builds a 6.6-liter diesel in its trucks good for 397 hp and 765 ft.-lbs.

Trident also didn’t release the weight of the Iceni, which should be a substantial disadvantage to any of its competitors. With the company taking orders next month and vowing production by the end of the year with a starting price of $119,000, we’ll see how sharp this Trident is soon. Source: Autos dot Yahoo dot com

Audi R8 Carbon – Limited Edition

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Audi R8 Carbon – Limited Edition

Although it is starting to be used quite a bit more as of late, we still think that adding carbon fiber to a car is a great way to increase the car’s appearance. This new Audi R8 Carbon Limited Edition is a great example of what we mean.