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What Makes a Good Motorcycle Helmet?

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Nowadays, there is one specific vehicle that is getting great popularity, and this is the motorcycle. In fact, they don’t care spending a substantial amount of money just to have their own bike. However, do you know that there’s an elevated case of motorcycle accidents nowadays? Yes, it is true. Road accident has been involved to several fatalities for many years now. With that said, you require a protection while riding on such vehicle and one is a motorcycle helmet. It will serve as the protection to your head in the event of collision incidents.

Some people don’t want the concept of wearing a helmet because it is too heavy and bulky, making it difficult for them to sport a dashing appearance. You should always understand that helmet is only created for safety instead of style. Hence, there is a variety of head protectors available in the market nowadays. Whatever sizes, shapes and colors you would like to purchase, you can obtain it from its wide selections. There are even options that can be added with a personal touch of yours. You can choose the best motorcycle helmet – a great post to read is, though following the suggestions found below. Consider these tips because this will lead you to getting a protective gear that serves its purpose and still appears best on you.

A great fit is certainly a essential factor when purchasing a helmet. To make certain that the size of a helmet is perfect, you must acquire the accurate measurement of your head. Additionally, there are particular features which may affect the fit of the unit. One is the amount of padding and the type of cushion materials utilized. Before buying a motorcycle helmet, it is essential to check its fit first. Make sure that the hard cap won’t turn upside down when you are wearing it on. Continue your search and only opt for the one that fits well to your head. Total protection isn’t made certain if you select a bad fitting helmet. Helmets are offered in huge varieties. Just purchase the type that meet your needs and has the most affordable cost.

One other thing that has to be taken into account in picking a helmet is your motorcycle type. Furthermore, riders can certainly obtain the ideal head protector for them. When you plan for short distance rides, you can choose to wear a shorty unit. People will take full advantage much from this particular helmet. The trouble with these models is you can be susceptible to accidents as they can only cover the top as well as the sides of your head. You may as well consider full face helmet. Your eyes and face will be protected with its featured protective visor. This is the best choice of high-speed bikers. On the other hand, motocross helmet is ideal for off-roaders. Though it has no face shield, it still has a protective visor. On top of that, eyeglasses are needed for protection when you wear this type of helmet.

Go for a motorcycle helmet that approved the strict checking of the authorized agency. The safety seal sticker placed on the unit is the proof of this. This implies that the helmet has reached the set requirements as much as safety and quality features are concerned. When you’re driving a motorcycle, make it a point that you’re putting on the most ideal helmet. With this, you can assure for your safety while on the street. On top of that, you will be taking pleasure in your motorcycle ride upon putting on the right helmet.

Awesome 2013 Ferrari F12 DMC Spia

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2013 Ferrari F12 DMC Spia
Awesome 2013 Ferrari F12 DMC Spia
2013 Ferrari F12 Berlinetta DMC Spia
This car price is 500000 $
Technical specifications:

Top speed: 350 km/h, 217 mph

power & torque: 764 hp, 562 kW 700 Nm @ 6000 rpm

0-100 km/h, 0-62 mph. – 3 seconds

Stylish multi-spoke 21-inch wheels up front, and 22-inch wheels at the rear, fill out the arches nicely.
The volume and type of engine – 6.3 litre V12 , Drive Type – RWD
The DMC preparer is unstoppable. And still unstoppable with Italian sports. After two Lamborghini Aventador prepararciones the protagonist. After preparing the Ferrari California and the Maserati GranCabrio Maserati with DMC Sovrano Convertible, now the coach launches into another cavallino, readying the latest creation from Maranello, the Ferrari F12 Berlinetta preparing.

A face lift passes for aesthetic and aerodynamic improvements, but also with the support of extra power. More carbon fiber, more customization options, new details for its interior, tires … all under the name of DMC Spia.

2014 Jaguar F-Type Preview

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The 2014 Jaguar F-Type debuted at the Paris Auto Show in the latter part of 2012 and heads inevitably turned as Jaguar unleashed its first sports car in 50 years on an anticipating audience. The F-Type obviously draws inspiration from the classic E-Type, especially in the front. The rear has more of a modern flare with slim taillights and a gleaming, centered exhaust. The lines connecting the retro front end with the more modern rear are sleek and smooth, not looking at all out of place. The interior of the F-Type is what really shows this car’s true colors. Unmistakably sports car with a driver-oriented cockpit, clear digital readouts and big knobs and buttons that somehow blend futuristic with retro in one clean sweep.

Jaguar Re-Enters the Sports Car Market

In a way, this car was a long time coming for Jaguar. The E-Type ended production in 1974 and rumors immediately began making the rounds that another sports car was coming.

1963 Jaguar Xk-E-RodsterJaguar_old
However, Jaguar did nothing to confirm them and continued building cars like the XJ220 and more recently the XKR-S. All classy cars, but big cars, and nothing that fits the true mold of a sports car. In 2000, an F-Type concept made an appearance at the Detroit auto show, hinting that perhaps Jaguar was coming back into the sports car market. In 2011, Auto blog Canada and others were buzzing about the C-X16 concept in Frankfurt. That car looked remarkably like the F-Type production model, which was finally announced in April of 2012.

Supercharged Launch

The F-Type roadster will be the first to debut and it has both V-6 and V-8 engines available. Both engines are supercharged and there are two versions of the V-6. Power breakdowns are as follows. The base V-6 engine puts out 332 lb-feet of torque and produces 340 horsepower. The second V-6, or F-Type S, kicks it up to 380 horses and 339 lb-feet of torque. The V-8 is naturally the top dog model and it puts out a big 495 horsepower and a strong 460 lb-feet of torque. The initial release features an eight-speed automatic transmission to transfer all that power to the rear wheels, but a manual transmission is expected in the near future.
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1974 Porsche 914

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1974 Porsche 914
1974 Porsche 914

The Porsche 914 was introduced in September of 1969 as a collaborative effort between Porsche and Volkswagen to produce a sporty car. The car they came up with was a mid-engined vehicle with seating for two and featured a targa top. A 4-cylinder boxer engine provided the power. Volkswagen need a vehicle to replace the aging Karmann-Ghia while Porsche was looking for another option to add to their line up. The VW bodied vehicles were known as 914/4S while the Porsche variants were known as 914/6s. However, all 914S’s sold in North America were considered Porsches.

The car sits very low and the suspension is stiff making it a great competition car rather than a touring car. The headlights hide in the hood and pop-up when needed. The targa top can be stored in the trunk.

The horizontally opposed flat-four engine is mid-mounted and came in three differnent sizes, 1.7, 1.8 or 2 liter. The 1.7 liter engine produced 80 horsepower, the 1.8 produced 79, and the 2.0 liter engine produced 95. A five-speed manual gearbox was standard equipment on all models.

The 914/6 was short lived with only 3360 examples produced between 1970 and 1972. All featured the 2.0 liter flat-six engine. It was raced using different engine configurations. This included the ‘T’ specification, which was basically a stock 911 engine. Another popular configuration was to use a converted Carrera 6 engine. Source:

Chevrolet Camaro RS ’68

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Chevrolet Camaro RS ’68
Chevrolet Camaro RS '68
Unfortunately, the excitement bred by the powerful exterior imaging doesn’t carry through to the interior. Here Chev can take a lesson from Ford. The Mustang’s cabin wholly outclasses the dull and awkward interior real estate of the Camaro.

Apart from a classic-looking twin speedo and tach, there’s not much remarkable about the Camaro’s heavily plasticized interior, and that’s disappointing. The weird centre cluster that combines audio and climate controls does little to offend but similarly, little to please.

Ferrari Enzo 2013 concept

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Ferrari Enzo 2013 concept
Ferrari Enzo 2013 concept
Ferrari Enzo Car Rendered Concept by Constantin-Gabriel RADU draws heavily on design elements from the most recent crop of Ferrari’s, particularly the 458 Italia. Except for a mid-engined V12-powered supercar there’s very little when it comes to air intakes, or perhaps cooling vents, for the purpose is certain to be a scorching lump of steel just behind your cockpit. It would be surprising if the closing design was signed-off even though the hood remained as smooth as a pancake as well as void of any aerodynamic building.

Ferrari Enzo 2013 concept

2013 Porsche 918 – specification and video review

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2013 Porsche 918

The star of the 2010 Geneva Auto Show, the Porsche 918 Spyder gets the green light to go into production. The delivery date of the $850,000 supercar hybrid will be November of 2013 and will be available in America. Screw the electric bill this car screams

General specifications
Country of origin Germany
Numbers built 918 (proposed)
Introduced 2013

Configuration 90º V8
Location Mid, longitudinally mounted
Construction aluminium block and head
Displacement 4.6 liter / 280.7 cu in
Valvetrain 4 valves / cylinder, DOHC
Fuel feed Direct Fuel Injection
Aspiration Naturally Aspirated
Power 570 bhp / 425 KW
Red Line 9000 rpm
BHP/Liter 124 bhp / liter

Location Front, transversely mounted
Power 107 bhp / 80 KW

Configuration Electric Motor
Location Mid, longitudinally mounted
Power 121 bhp / 90 KW

Chassis carbon-fibre monocoque
Gearbox PDK Twin Clutch 7 speed Automatic
Drive All wheel drive

Performance figures
Combined Power 798 bhp / 595 KW
Top Speed 320 km/h (199 mph)
0-100 km/h 3.2 s
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How To Lower Insurance on Your Sports Car

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In addition to high fuel costs, expensive maintenance and of course the high initial start price, owning a sports car means paying a lot for car insurance. Insurance companies know that even the most restrained of us will have difficulty holding back in a Ferrari, Porsche or even the “humble” Mazda MX-5.
These cars were made for speed and have the power, handling and grip to enable them to go further and faster than any boring old commuter car. But of course all that speed leads one to push the limits, and when you push the limits of your skill, you invariably end up in the ditch and needing a tow.

Heavy Pedal, Heavy Price
Insurance companies charge much more to insure sports cars than regular cars, even if the vehicles are comparable in terms of purchase and repair costs. They charge the rates they do because of the math inherent in the risk that you will crash the vehicle, and you can lower the rates by lowering this risk.

The first and easiest way is to simply drive very well and carefully. Speeding tickets and minor accidents will increase your insurance rate, as will a history of poor driving. In addition to driving your car well, many insurance companies will lower your insurance rate if you take advanced driving courses. These courses will not only help you to lower your insurance rate, they will enable you to drive your sports car faster and have more fun doing it. 

Low-Mileage = Savings
Another great way to lower your insurance rate is to have the car re-classified as a low-mileage car. Most states have a special designation for vehicles that are driven under a certain number of miles per year, or which are only driven for special events and occasions. This not only merits a lower vehicle tax (and occasionally exemption from certain air pollution and safety regulations) but will let the insurance company know that you aren’t using the vehicle very much and therefore it is highly unlikely that you will get into an accident.

Compare Car Insurance Quotes
Lastly your best option is to heavily shop around. Many companies will offer package deals that enable your home or auto insurance to “subsidize” the insurance you have on your sports car. Such package deals or “family” insurance plans can enable you to save a lot of money. This is particularly useful if you own three or more cars, of which only one is a sports car.
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Ford GT with a world record for speed on Guinness

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Ford GT with a world record for speed on Guinness – 455 km/h = 283.232 MPH

Ford GT with a world record  for speed on Guinness
Created by Performance Power Racing, this heavily modified Ford GT has two turbochargers and different components of “pandalloy”. This space is aluminum alloy, developed in cooperation with Pratt & Whitney, which is perfect for racing applications, thanks to features such as reduced weight, high strength and resistance to high temperature.

1964 Dodge Hemi Charger

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1964 Dodge Hemi Charger In the mythology of Dodge muscle cars, discourse, debate & price tags often center around how rare the model is. Throughout the 60s, Dodge was the undisputed American master of limited-production runs and overpowered, small batch variants. This one may be the Holy Grail. It’s a one-off concept car: the very first Dodge Charger with a 600 horse motor. If you don’t know, act like you know. The auction price will break a million, guaranteed.

This 1964 Charger Concept show car will go under the gavel at the Arizona Biltmore Resort & Spa on January 21. If you plan on bidding, you better bring a wheelbarrow full of cash, though. The last time this car sold, it went for a cool $1.1 million.