Mazda RX-7

Posted by on Sep.04, 2012, under Concept Cars, Futuristic models, News

Mazda will launch a new RX-7. The car is a must considering the Japanese market will be full of high performance cars in the near future and Mazda really needs one if it want to survive on the market.

The 2012 RX-7 (FE model perhaps) will be powered by the all-new 16X rotary engine; an evolution of the award-winning Renesis 13B found in the RX-8. Armed with a revised eccentric shaft producing more low-end torque—the blatant absence of which has been a common complaint about the RX-8 —and likely some form of forced induction, it’s sure to insert a dose of bees up the collective bonnets of the competition.

Add to that the usual bevy of make-believe insider information such as a curb weight under 1500kg, a usable 2+2 seating setup, and a price tag under US$30k! /

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