Mercedes-McLaren F2

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Mercedes Mclaren
Mercedes Mclaren

Do you want to find yourself in the car piece – a luxury supercar, issued in the amount of only 3500 copies of the entire globe? More recently, there were less than 10 of these cars, and today our company is pleased to offer rental and lease a Mercedes McLaren SLR (Mercedes McLaren SLR). This car class Gran Turismo XXI century – a powerful, fast, and beautiful, in which you can comfortably travel to any distance.

Front SLR like the Mercedes SL, but styled car of Formula 1 with its distinctive nose-fairing. But the side of it – the spitting image of the fighter during the Second World War with the characteristic long hood and a small, displaced back cabin. In fact, Mercedes SLR resembles the concept car. Take, rear lights, which are “mounted” silver plastic strip, dotted chain orange LEDs that flash on the background of smooth red “marker” glow.

But the main and most important difference – this, of course, the door. They do not open up and to the side at the same time: hinges are mounted on racks windshield! SLR opens the wings and doors on gas glides slowly, with dignity. In terms of landing a super-Mercedes – very easy with a large doorway and acceptable “landing height.” Also easy to close the door: to handle or to leather straps, attached at the base of the chair can reach easily.

Selecting rental and rent a Mercedes McLaren SLR (Mercedes McLaren SLR), you will feel like a party rally. The body is a half upright position, which determines the shape and location of the carbon-fiber racing “bucket.” Moving placed on the threshold of “stick” in the form of armchair, you can tilt the seat and move it back and forth or up and down, and in a wide range.

So … Three … Two … One … Start! Body covered quiver in the air vibrates low and “hard” bass rumble – like the sound of an ordinary American “eight” is broadcast via a powerful transistor amplifier. A voice and a crazy, explosive can have the engine mechanically supercharged V8! Unmatched traction: 120 km / h Mercedes gains instantly. Mercedes McLaren SLR 370 has all the “horses” t. Any overtaking takes a few seconds. Pressing the gas instantaneous transition “machine” to a lower, aircraft load – and the speedometer is under two hundred! ..

Surrender to the speed, if not bother thinking about security. After all, this supercar ceramic brakes – reliable and powerful, light and temperature-independent. Function Soft-Stop («soft stop”) involved all the time, and can be activated at will even Tailback Assist – while braking electronics at city speeds up to 60 km / h very smoothly prihvatyvaet brake in response to the accelerator pedal is released. But that’s not all … When Mercedes SLR intensely slow, in vnutrisalonnoe mirror image disappears – Overview covers climbing on the trunk lid “airbrake”. Braking power for SLR – 2000 hp, slow – up to 1,3 g. In conjunction with this awesome engine – Fiction. In the most powerful Mercedes SLR grip. Pull off the “boom” from the asphalt path is very difficult. Banks – no.

Guarantee security and that Gran Turismo 21st century, almost entirely made of carbon plastics (CFK). This lightweight and at the same time MPE material originally used in aviation and space, and today is successfully used in modern racing cars of Formula 1. Energy absorption capacity of carbon fiber is four to five times higher than that of steel and aluminum. These properties Mercedes-Benz uses the structure of a new front of SLR, which has two carbon fiber spar, taking all the oxygen out frontal impact. With this power the cell interior, also made of carbon fiber, with a side or rear impact remains almost intact, protecting passengers present in it.

SLR – incredibly fast, with safe car. He was not made for racing. But if Mercedes does turn out on the Nordschleife, it does not give way to many and not much. In which case … Ceramic brakes, ESP, energy-absorbing Kevlar monocoque, six airbags. To break into this car, you’d be nothing but a particularly purposeful suicide.

The company you before the first snow can make rent and Mercedes McLaren SLR (Mercedes McLaren SLR), – piece sports car with outstanding technical features and luxurious design. Mercedes McLaren SLR supercar is rented only with the driver, the minimum rental period – 3 hours (plus 1 hour for delivery of cars to any place convenient for you.)

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