New innovations that can become the next big thing in the car industry

Posted by on Jun.17, 2015, under Concept Cars

bosch-autonomous-car-technology_100417251_mNew technological innovations are getting released at a fast pace in the automotive industry, and most of them are aiming to help improve the safety of passengers. Right now, most of these innovations are being tested on high-end cars but it’s highly possible that they may soon transcend to the less expensive ones in the near future.


Human error causes 90% of car crashes around the world. Today, instead of leaving judgment to drivers, car manufacturers are looking into the possibility of enabling vehicles to help in the communication process.

V2V or “Vehicle to Vehicle” works like this: when two cars are running fast and are about to crash into each other, both cars will send signals to each other about a possible collision. The signaling will happen several meters away, and both cars will hit the breaks automatically if they reach a certain distance from each other. The V2V technology is currently being tested by Ford.

Augmented Reality Dashboards

Augmented Reality is now being installed on some dashboards in order to help drivers identify objects from several meters away. It will be very useful when driving on roads with low visibility. Right now, BMW is involved in researching Augmented Reality technology not just for the benefit of drivers but car technicians as well. BMW will use the technology in order to help technicians immediately identify parts that need replacement, as well as get instructions on how to fix parts efficiently.

Augmented reality was first introduced in the realm of mobile devices. With the increase in mobile adoption worldwide to a record high of 17% in 2014, the company the operates the entertainment site Pocket Fruity documented that many leading brands are now looking at ways of improving areas of their business by aligning strategies with mobile devices. Thus, the likes of Ford are uses this technology as an extension from people’s mobile devices as a personal way to increase safety on the roads.

Airbags that stop the car

Airbags save lives every day and they’re about to get even better in the near future. Mercedes is working on a way to use airbags from underneath the cars in order to prevent violent crashes. The airbags will have friction coating so that when it activates, the vehicle would slow down significantly. The bags will also lift the vehicle 3 inches from the ground in order to counter the vehicle’s dipping motion from breaking hard.

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