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2016 Lamborghini Madura

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2016 Lamborghini Madura Concept Car Of The Future
2016 Lamborghini Madura

2016 Lamborghini Madura Concept, named after Madura Madura Island in Indonesia, which is famous for its bull races, which reflects the strength of this car, car of the future. Madura is a proposal for the first hybrid Lamborghini scheduled for 2016. Make cars more efficient and friendly nature. Find a model environmentally friendly to say that an electric motor that is hidden under the front cover of a curve, the elegant body inspired by the Lamborghini Gallardo and Murcielago, and spoilers, protruding from the side wall that connects the laser beam, which is said to be symbolic of electric drive systems.

The front panel is very sleek and aerodynamic. It consists of a hood with an electric motor at the base, and a rear spoiler with a knife to a depth of more than design, and better results are CW. The light is very thin, horizontally oriented to emphasize the width of the car. The tail is similar to the front. There is another player with more body and a knife in between. They are crossed by flows overlapping or parallel. Spoiler as a special feature that emerged from the side wall and connected to the laser beam during braking, as a symbol for electric propulsion.
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