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BMW 328 Hommage

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BMW 328 Hommage
BMW 328 Hommage

328 MW is considered to be the most successful and the most beautiful sports car of the 1930s. Owes its success model number of design features: consistently lightweight design, the right silhouette c in terms of aerodynamics, optimum engine and outstanding chassis formed the basis for a new view of the car. According to this idea alone is not enough power to succeed, you need optimum coordination of all the parameters of the car, combined with maximum efficiency. With these qualities, BMW 328 even at that time, it was a fact that the BMW brand represents today: dynamics, aesthetics and a high degree of innovation.

In 2011, the dream car is celebrating its 75th anniversary. The celebrations began on the race Mille Miglia, where most of the public attention was drawn to the stunning racing BMW 328. In the search for a balance between tradition and modernity, and in honor of the anniversary of the BMW 328, the BMW Group presented a very special model: BMW 328 Hommage.

“The launch of the BMW 328 Hommage, we wish to pay tribute to the passion and ingenuity of the creators of BMW 328, – says Karl Baumer, head of BMW Group Classic. – They created a car – the legend, the appearance of which is considered a milestone in the history of the industry. ” BMW 328 Hommage takes the principles and character of the vehicle of the time at the moment and shows a possible interpretation of how the designers of the past would, Fritz Fiedler and Rudolf Schleicher, might have built the BMW 328 today, using modern means.

BMW 328 – lightweight construction as a principle

BMW 328 car was special also because it was the first time for BMW consistently implemented the principle of facilitating the design. Wherever possible, use the lightest and at the same time durable materials, so that the total weight of the car was only 780 pounds. To transfer the idea of ​​lightweight BMW 328 in today’s time, large body parts and interior BMW 328 Hommage are made of carbon fiber reinforced plastic (carbon fiber). Moreover, if the previously used materials such as aluminum and magnesium, but today the best ratio of mass and strength offers carbon: this material with high strength fiber structure lighter than aluminum, but stronger. The BMW Group has a leading position in the production and use of carbon fiber for the automotive industry and already has many years of experience in serial production of carboxylic roofs and structural components for the BMW M6, and the carbon roof for BMW M3.

But not only the carbon-fiber elements in the exterior and interior of the BMW 328 deserve special mention. The current implementation of the original vehicle character is also reflected in the choice of other materials inside and outside the car. Leather, matt and high-gloss black polished aluminum and carbon fiber trim BMW 328 Hommage are a visual reflection of the laconic nature of the sports roadster that time. The car used by numerous details, borrowed from racing and reminiscent of the highly successful sports career BMW 328. After all, even the prime minister in 1936, the car was held not at the auto show, and on the race track.

Dynamics and lightness in the exterior

Exceptionally expressive exterior design BMW 328 Hommage is a modern interpretation of vysokoemotsionalnogo and dynamic two-seater Roadster – just like it was 75 years ago with the BMW 328. “Creating a car – reminders (Hommage) is a good tradition for the BMW Group. Based on our design philosophy “deep historical roots, moving forward in design”, they demonstrate the importance of history to the present. 75 years ago, the BMW 328 was a symbol of sportiness and agility through light-weight construction. Sportcar 328 Hommage pays tribute to this great past and shows what further developed this line: carbon – the material of the future “- said Adrian van Hooydonk, Senior Vice President BMW Group Design.

Like his legendary prototype, BMW 328 Hommage was succinct design and has a sporty silhouette recognizable: clear lines pass through the plane of the body as if strained. Thus, within the dynamic silhouette of the car produced a refined contrast between the smooth, taut surfaces and sharp edges. Powerful wedge shape already in the static gives the car a dynamic, deeper behind the seats picked up by a line running from the engine compartment, and keep it up to the stern. The structure of the carbon plates give the car a visual depth, the diagonal direction of the carbon fibers further emphasizes the dynamic design of the Roadster. Thanks to the clear texturing fibers clearly visible carbon fiber structure that visually emphasizes the idea of ​​lightweight construction. BMW 328 Hommage has no doors, just like the first prototype BMW 328 release in 1936. As then, landing in the car for deep cuts in the body.
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