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BMW M3 // Matte Paint

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BMW M3 // Matte Paint

MW will welcome a limited edition “Frozen Black” BMW M3 later this month. The blacked-out performance coupe features the M3 Competition Package with full premium and convenience packages, and black Novillo leather with red contrast stitching. From the exterior, the defining aspect of the car is the “Frozen Black” paint with painted black M3 GTS wheels and red calipers. The BMW 2011 M3 “Frozen Black” Edition holds an MSRP of $79,650 USD with a run limited to only 20 cars. A release will begin on June 16/hypebeast.com

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ART BMW – London 2012

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ART BMW – London 2012

Alexander Calder painted the very first BMW Art Car in 1975. A BMW 3.0 CSL that would later enter the 24 Hours of Le Mans, the colors and visuals on the CSL were so impacting that the one-off later led to a series of iconic works of art.

To date, a total of 18 BMW Art Cars have been created, each providing a giant canvas and limitless artistic freedom for notable artists of our time to leave their mark. Notable BMW Art Cars include the Roy Lichtenstein BMW 320i Turbo, Andy Warhol’s BMW M1 racing car, Rober Rauscheberg’s BMW 635 CSi, and the 2010 M3 GT2 by Jeff Koons.

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Most beautiful cars of 2011 – BMW 3 Series

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The new BMW 3 Series is the most beautiful car in 2011 according to a survey among automotive enthusiasts across Europe, organized for the 27th consecutive time the sports channel Eurosport and International Motor Festival.


In voting for the “most beautiful car of 2011” was attended by over 73,000 people across Europe. Between December 8, 2011 – January 18, 2012, they have expressed their preferences among over a specially developed web platform www.mostbeautifulcar.eurosport.com. The results were announced at a special ceremony during the 27th edition of the International Motor Festival in Paris.

2012 BMW 3-Series (F30)

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BMW ActiveHybrid 7 Overview model 2012

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BMW ActiveHybrid 7 Overview model 2012
BMW ActiveHybrid 7 Overview model 2012
The 2011 BMW ActiveHybrid 7 is both more powerful and more fuel-efficient than its 750 sibling, but it’s also considerably pricier.

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BMW Alpina B6 Bi-Turbo Coupe

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Alpina B6 Bi-Turbo Coupe
Alpina B6 Bi-Turbo Coupe
B6 Bi-Turbo Coupe includes aluminum twin-turbo 4.4-liter V8 engine, equipped with MAHLE pistons and cooling system with high performance. The engine develops an output of 540 hp and 700 Nm of torque. With revised eight-speed automatic transmission and titanium Akrapovic exhaust system activity from 0 to 100 km / h takes just 4.4 seconds and top speed is 320 km / h.

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At the Tokyo Motor Show debuts BMW ActiveHybrid 5

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At the Tokyo Motor Show debuts BMW ActiveHybrid 5
On Tokiyskom showroom debyutiruet BMW ActiveHybrid 5


At the Tokyo Motor Show (December 3-11) BMW promises to show the world a new gasoline-electric hybrid ActiveHybrid 5.

A hybrid version of the sedan 5 Series is equipped with 6-cylinder gasoline engine, electric drive, 8-speed automatic gearbox and a lithium-ion battery. In fact, it is a full hybrid system that allows you to travel short distances in urban areas solely on electricity.

In the announcement of BMW says that the ActiveHybrid 5 will equip the new “intelligent energy management”, which “works in tandem with a navigation system in order to prepare the car for certain features of the upcoming road conditions.”

5 ActiveHybrid for the first time presented in concept form at last year’s Geneva Motor Show. Then the producer said that equips the car a hybrid transmission, the new generation. ” Earlier, at the Frankfurt Motor Show of 2009, the company introduced the ActiveHybrid 7 and ActiveHybrid X6. Both cars were equipped with 8-cylinder turbo engine complete with electric drives.