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Ford GT 40

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CHASSIS – Monocoque, TIG welded high-grade stainless steel, integral rollover and side impact protection, tubular sub frames for radiator and transmission.

SUSPENSION – Independent unequal length wishbones offset A frame, anti-roll bar, aluminum upright (front). Independent double trailing links, lower inverted A frame and upper transverse link wishbones, anti-roll bar, aluminum upright (rear). Built in anti-dive, anti-squat, near zero bump steer.

SPRINGS/DAMPERS – Competition coil over type gas shocks with adjustable damping rate and variable spring height.

BRAKES – Dual circuit, front rear split with servo assistance, tandem master cylinder, proportioning valve. 11.375″ ventilated rotors (front). 11.375″ ventilated rotors with separate handbrake caliper (rear).

STEERING – Rack and Pinion. 3.2 turns from lock to lock.

WHEELS – BRM style alloy pin drive replica with center knock off 8″ x 15″ front 10″ x 15″ rear.

FUEL TANKS (2) – 10 gallon fuel safety cells sill mounted. Original style filler caps, total capacity 20 U.S. Gallons. Individual electric pumps and filters with dash change over switch.

EXHAUST – Stainless steel original pattern “Bundle of Snakes” eight-branch header system with two collectors, muffler and stainless steel heat shield.

TRANSMISSION ADAPTER – Aluminum bell housing supplied for either transaxle option. Includes Getrag special flywheel and clutch assembly.

CLUTCH – (Getrag) Single plate, 5 button 9-inch, diaphragm pressure plate.

DRIVE SHAFTS – Race specification with CV joints.

COOLING – High efficiency, six-core front mounted aluminum radiator with twin auxiliary electric fans. Thermostatically controlled with manual override.

BODY – (High strength fiberglass composite construction.)
Style: Two door GT, Length: 164.5″ Width: 70″ Height: 40.5″.
Wheelbase: 95″ Dry Weight: 2,350 Lbs (including 302/getrag), Weight distribution 44F 56R. Ground Clearance: 5″(in road trim)

INTERIOR – Dash, seats, tunnel, inside of doors and roof are black leather. Carpet automotive quality; seats are adjustable fore/aft, with brass or aluminum grommets, pedal box adjustable for tall drivers.

ELECTRICAL – Original VDO style gauges and Lucas switches all circuits fused and relayed. Cibie headlamps, all other lights original pattern. Rear mounted battery box with master isolator switch.
$89,500 obo

Ford’s EVOS Concept Car

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Ford think cars will be in the future, that is something that they are answering at the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show with the announcement of the EVOS concept car. The idea behind the Ford concept is that your car is set to your preferences. It connects to the cloud and can check the weather, traffic, and your work schedule. It can then send the information it gathered to your in-home system. For example if you have a change of schedule the car can notify and reset your alarm clock or perhaps it can suggest an umbrella if it is going to rain. As you get in your car it is already cooled or heated to your liking. The cars audio system is connected to your home entertainment system through the cloud. The car knows what you were listening to in the house so it continues it in the car. As you drive away the car closes your garage door and sets your home to energy-efficient mode.


The car can then suggest the best route based on your schedule and traffic. The car will adjust brakes, steering and suspension as needed It will adjust the hybrid power train to give the right mixture of electric and gas to maximize efficiency. The car also measures the driver’s heart beat and as it reaches a certain level, the car will automatically turn off unnecessary gauges to aid concentration. At the same time it will also put your phone in do not disturb mode.


If you are driving through an area that is heavily polluted the car can adjust the filtration system or suggest a route that is less polluted. The car will also go into full electric mode when that makes sense. If the car is in full electric mode it will send a signal to the police and any toll booth on the route to advise them that this is an electric car even though it has a tail pipe. If the car is in full electric mood in stop and go traffic it can throttle itself. Meanwhile you can relax as it reads your emails to you. The car can find you a parking spot with an electric vehicle (EV) conductive charging pad and reserve that spot. It then can give you turn by turn directions and guide you right over the EV pad, so that when you leave work your car will be fully charged.

A concept car shows the path where the automaker believes the auto industry is going. It is a future wish list. This wish list will depend on guaranteeing security in the cloud. The building of the external infrastructure such as installing EV conductive charging pads around cities. However I like the concept and hope it becomes a reality in my lifetime. Ford has some great videos up explain the concept car

Source: http://www.geeknewscentral.com/2011/08/30/fords-evo-concept-car/

Top Hybrid Cars in 2011 – Best Choice

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Top Hybrid Cars in 2011 – Best Choice
honda cr-z hybrid
Honda CR-Z; Lexus CT; Toyota Hybrid