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Sports Car Audi R8 2013

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Audi R8 2013
Flawless body of R8, from the perspective of designers Audi, needed only to replace the head light and tail lights to LED, the other grille and front splitter. Of course, small differences have added carbon fiber mirror housings and the original disks, but substantial changes in the external restyling R8, compared with the base model did not change.
New as “stuffing” modification can be safely assumed unlimited replacement limited to 333 copies release GT. With the new V-shaped capacity of 550 horsepower top-end modification of the Audi R8 V10 Plus accelerates up to a hundred in just 3.5 seconds, and this is serious. Electronic limiter fixed at around 317 km / h

Mercedes-Benz Biome

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mercedes biome
Mercedes-Benz Biome – see the future with my own eyes

Weight newly Mercedes-Benz Biome is only 394 pounds. But this machine is equipped with four seats. Also worth noting is a very interesting arrangement of seats themselves: in the car Mercedes-Benz Biome just three rows of seats. In the first chair sits the main steering gear – the driver, the other two – passenger – are in the second row, and finally, the third passenger seat is located in the third row.

Particular attention should also be given the material from which made ​​the car. Special microscopic biovolokna which reinforced Mercedes-Benz Biome, as strong and resistant to all sorts of shocks, as well as carbon fiber. This kind of ultra-light electric vehicles in the near future can use the same ultra efficient engines.

Honda futuristic concept – Tokyo

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The motto for the upcoming Honda Motor Show was the answer to the question “What makes people feel good?”. A key idea of ​​combining the conceptual development of the company – individual mobility movement. Honda City cars should provide an easy and pleasant ride in the cities of the future. The company has demonstrated and cars to travel to the middle and long distances.

The main show-stopper was, without doubt, a concept sports car Small Sports EV – prototype coupe in the back “targa” with an electric power plant. As conceived by Honda, it combines driving pleasure with zero harm to the environment, but no technical details yet. However, it is known that some key stylistic decisions Small Sports EV may find application in later updates of sports brands.

The electrical concept of the future of Lincoln

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The electrical concept of the future of Lincoln

Students presented graphically proposal fully electric Lincoln Continental, designed for 2025

The futuristic design is fully supported by the parent company of Lincoln – Ford. The idea and work on it started in summer last year. Recently she was presented to officials of two American auto giants, which have liked.