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Nissan TeRRA SUV – futuristic concept

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Nissan TeRRA SUV

Nissan TeRRA SUV concept, developed on the basis of Murano and Qashqai, is the only zero emission SUV. This tough vehicle, powered by electric 3-motor AWD, combines both Nissan power and sports exterior design, which will be indeed in the limelight on the road. Nissan’s division general manager claims, that the aim of the concept was to integrate Nissan’s strength in SUV into the modern urban life, into the era of zero-emissions. The car’s interior features comfort and style: a door panel is sculpted fusion of blond wood trim and colored acrylic; sleek dashboard with clean lines where steering and instrument console softly point out toward the driver. Nissan TeRRA SUV concept boasts unique seating layout that offers you better and more exciting driving experience by providing great visibility. The car is also equipped with an electronic tablet facing the driver, which provides the driver with key information about the vehicle performance.

Nissan Juke R 2012

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Nissan Juke R 2012
Manual Nissan has recently officially announced plans to release “charged” version of Juke-R, however, will be able to buy a car only the wealthiest clients of Japanese brands.

Serial version of the show-car Nissan Juke-R, according to vice-president of Nissan North American division of David Reuter, a potential buyer will cost approximately € 450,000. The representative of the brand did not specify a total circulation of Nissan Juke-R, however, previously reported that the company plans to build two dozen copies of “charged” crossover.

The car will get 3.8-liter powerplant from the supercar Nissan GT-R. Power gasoline engine with two turbines of 545 hp, maximum torque is 627 Nm. Nissan Juke-R will be one of the fastest “SUV” in the world – first dispersal to “hundred”, the model takes about 3.5 seconds.

Nissan has three solid contract to build Juke-R, and the first car will be the end of the summer.

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Nissan Leaf 2011 – Battery Electric Car

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2011 Nissan Leaf – Battery Electric Car – “In Depth” Vehicle Introduction video
What Edmunds Says

With the 2011 Nissan Leaf, a real (and realistically priced) electric car is finally here.

No more gas stations; spacious, quiet cabin; snappy acceleration; intelligent navigation system.

Limited cruising range; limited recharging points; home charger is a necessity.